The Band

Bumpin’ Uglies are a polished three piece hailing from Annapolis, MD. Known
for their focused approach to not taking life too seriously, Bumpin’ Uglies have
earned a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the land, constantly
touring and perfecting their distinct sound. They also have a knack for poking
fun where fun should be poked, conjoined with a musical earnestness that is
clear all the way through their catalog full of honest songs that cut right to the
grit, humor and reality that is life. Critics and fans agree that their special brand
of East Coast White Boy Reggae is among the finest on either side of the Mississippi.

Tags aside, lead man Brandon Hardesty is known for his natural gift for crafting songs and lyrics that stand out from the pack. White boy reggae is the styling, but it’s only a humorous veil over the diversity of sounds and styles that makes Bumpin’ Uglies music utterly unique. TJ’s drum skills and Dave Wolf’s thunderous bass round out their undeniable and original signature sound.

Hard work and dedication, thousands of miles delivering their medication, and Bumpin’ Uglies continue to seek and find their path to greatness. Already lapping the Nation on three separate tours, the trio have survived the harsh weather, miserable roads and dangerous mountain passes that come with coast to coast touring, which mentions nothing of their tolerance for the overwhelming stench of each other’s… intellect in that cold, cramped and underpowered tour van.

Who is Bumpin’ Uglies?

Brandon Hardesty – Vocals, Guitar

Dave Wolf – Vocals, Bass

Timothy Jones – Drums