Addictive Personality

Cursed with an addictive personality
everything i do i have to do excesively
give me a taste and i turn into a fiendits all or nothing man i’ve got no in between

i’m out of control i’ve got no accountability
woe is me i’m a victim of my own mentality
straight bent 7 nights out of the week i only put the bottle down when it’s time to go to sleep
and i wake and bake twist up the whole eighth
blow it straight to the face with no thought to the waste
i’m a glutenous man when i’m sitting in the black
when i blow it all i’m steady scheming how to get it back
and tell me tell me tell me why no drink can quench this thirst of mine
its insatiable
i eat my fill but i’m never full
land i try lord i try but theres just no escape
every vice that i put down leaves another one in its place


put it all on black and hope for the best
its in fates hands no with no time to double guess
the wheel starts spinning for a minute i’m alive
now i’m broke again i have begun to realize
that one day my sins will pick up their pace
and the music that i write i will one day face
but tomorrows burden has no place in the light of this day
i’m in denial and i wouldn’t have it another way
so tell me tell me tell me when i’ll ever feel this free again
the older we get the more we obsess
all the shit that we own begins to own us
so i live for the moment try not to act my age
social norms make such a confining cage
we’re on borrowed time
i’ve come to find


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